Threats on the rise

Cyber threats to watch for in January 2023

Check out the cyber threats that were the most noticeable in terms of a number of IoCs collected over December 2022. Ensure that you are protected in Jan 2023!

Improving the threat intelligence process in Splunk with RST Cloud

The app that allows users to seamlessly integrate threat intelligence feeds into Splunk and mitigate common issues such as lack of context, and manual processes

IoCs from public sandboxes Dec 2022

Boosting Threat Intel with Automatic Sandbox IoC Gathering

Introducing the new Auto-Collection of IoCs from Public Sandboxes feature, now available on the RST Cloud Threat Intel Engine! As of November 2022, our platform has started automatically collecting indicators of compromise (IoCs) from the most popular public sandboxes. But we don’t stop there. After the collection process is complete, we aggregate the data and…