One unified format for any WHOIS server in the world

RST Cloud provides a unified Whois API service with normalised data from any registrars globally in a simple JSON format in an almost unlimited requests frequency rate

Group 33012

Key Usage

activity 1

Phishing investigations

activity 1 (1)

SPAM investigations and e-mail security

activity 1 (2)

FRAUD detection

activity 1 (3)

Tracking domain registration information and checking domain name availability

activity 1 (4)

Researching web infrastructure, locating geo positions

What makes us different

–°omprehensive unified API which you can use from any platform, system or security tool

Real-time whois data for any domain in a ready-to-use unified format (JSON)

No query rate limits from registrars

Keeping your requests private by proxying them on behalf of our service

Flexible pricing policy with a low initial entry cost


Use in the Antispam solution to assess the reliability of the domain - lifetime, availability of registration data, etc.


Use by SOC experts during investigating a suspected incident to obtain detailed data about a domain


Checking the existence/availability of a domain name for various purposes (OSINT and brand protection, search for phishing resources, investment analysis of domain names, etc.)

Credit card_fill

Banks and financial companies to prevent fraud - checking discrepancies in customer information and preventing intruders


Marketing research, market, sales and other big data analytics


  "status": "registered",
  "registered?": "true",
  "created_on": "2022-01-01 00:00:00",
  "updated_on": "2022-01-01 00:00:00",
  "expires_on": "2023-01-01 00:00:00",
  "age": 365,
  "registrar": "Registrar Name",
  "registrant": "Registrant Name",
  "nameservers": ","