RST Cloud IOC lookup results

Publicly Searchable Database of 10M Indicators of Compromise

RST Cloud is pleased to announce the release of a publicly searchable database of 10 million unique indicators of compromise (IoCs). The database, which is available at provides a valuable resource for individuals and organisations looking to protect themselves from cyber threats. The RST Cloud public IoC database is a comprehensive collection of indicators…

8 Steps to normalise naming of cyber threats and related entities

One of the challenging thing in IoC aggregation is to match all IoCs connected to one specific threat with each other due to different malware synonyms used by TI experts. Read about algorithm used by RST engine here:

Collecting and parsing IoCs at scale

While protecting digital data, experts are faced with the need to know up-to-date information about cyber threats. This kind of data keeps you up in the arms race with a technically advanced cyber attacker. The role of the Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence (CTI, TI) process began to grow rapidly in 2018 and is now one of…