Priam AI and RST Cloud

Combining AI-driven Cybersecurity Solutions with Advanced Threat Intelligence

Jun 26, 2024

Priam AI, a leader in AI-driven cybersecurity solutions, and RST Cloud, an Australian threat intelligence provider, are excited to announce a strategic technological partnership. This collaboration will integrate RST Cloud’s extensive threat intelligence data into the Priam AI’s AVA platform, enhancing its capabilities to deliver a comprehensive and scalable Security Operations Center (SOC).

“The integration of RST Cloud’s data, such as threat risk score, threat context, and more, will significantly enrich Priam AI’s platform. This enhancement empowers organisations to sustain their cybersecurity operations with scalable, cost-effective, and efficient solutions against evolving cyber threats,” says Paolo Di Prodi, Co-Founder of Priam AI.

“The integration of our services, like RST Threat Feed, IoC Lookup, and Noise Control, will bring additional tools to the Priam AI platform to increase platform efficiency and reduce alert fatigue. This joint solution can help reduce human errors, simplify incident triage complexity, and address the security talent shortage,” says Yury Sergeev, Founder of RST Cloud.

About Priam AI

Priam AI is a cutting-edge cybersecurity platform that leverages artificial intelligence to act as a virtual analyst. By automating threat detection and response, Priam AI enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of cybersecurity operations, ensuring robust protection against cyber threats.