Take false alarms under control with RST Noise Control

Nov 8, 2023

RST Cloud is pleased to introduce a pioneering product to its portfolio, the RST Noise Control service, which represents a significant advancement in the field of Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI).

One of the most persistent challenges that SOC analysts face is dealing with false positives detection of malware activity. The abundance of technical CTI data frequently leads to a time-consuming process, as experts must verify the authenticity of various indicators provided by different threat intelligence provides, a challenge that can intensify when multiple data feeds are involved.

“Leveraging our extensive knowledge of exceptions and heuristic checks, RST Noise Control rather than confirming that something is a known-bad, excels in filtering out alerts that are triggered because a mistake had been made and a known-good value was included as an indicator of compromise”. – says Yury Sergeev, CEO of RST Cloud. – “Through real-time validation of indicators (IP/Domain/URL/Hash), our service enables you to restore clarity amidst the chaos of security alerts.”

By sifting out irrelevant indicators and identifying “known good” software, files, and network resources, RST Noise Control streamlines the analysis process. Consequently, it reduces the operational costs and significantly enhances response times to real incidents.

The key use cases of the service include reducing false positives in real-time detection, relieving the SOC system’s workload by filtering out irrelevant data and false indicators from connected feeds, enhancing efficiency, saving analysts valuable time when managing incidents, and restoring clarity and focus in general.

“RST Noise Control empowers you to reclaim peace of mind and decision-making clarity from the chaos of security alerts. Our service redirects your focus to the essential signals of authentic threats, enabling you to focus on real incidents,” Yury continued.

RST Noise Control can be integrated with various SIEM, SOAR, and TIP systems. This service effectively expands the scope of RST Cloud solutions: RST Threat Feed, RST Report Hub, RST Whois API, and the others.