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RST Cloud and SAF Systems Announce Technology Alliance

Dec 5, 2023

RST Cloud, an innovative provider of Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) solutions, and SAF, a cutting-edge search and monitoring platform developer, are pleased to announce a technology alliance that brings comprehensive integration between their products.

This collaboration paves the way for the seamless integration of RST Threat Feed and RST Report Hub products into the SAF monitoring platform, offering a wide array of scenarios for handling security incidents.

The integration unlocks various possibilities, including real-time incidents detection with the capability to drill down to the indicator details, Tactics, Technics and Procedures (TTPs) used by threat actors, and other valuable contextual information such as data from APT reports available within the monitoring platform. This integration results in quicker decision-making during incident triage, improved incident response, and elevated cybersecurity standards.

RST Cloud and SAF Systems Technology Alliance brings RST Threat Feed and RST Report Hub integration into SAF products

“The ability to bring CTI data into SAF platform and access it in real-time empowers the cybersecurity features of the platform.” – says Yury Sergeev, CEO of RST Cloud – “It significantly optimises the workflow of SOC analysts by saving valuable time and streamlining the decision-making process as now they do not need to switch between different screens and can access the required TI data within the SAF UI. Also, it enhances the quality of response to cybersecurity incidents by providing actionable insights in real-time.”

“This integration allows us to enable our platform with CTI services in an efficient and user-friendly manner, ultimately enhancing the security posture of organisations.” – adds Alexander Skakunov.- “Among the innovative scenarios currently being explored is Threat Hunting, designed to maximise the utilisation of RST Cloud’s data within the SAF platform. This partnership aims to harness the full potential of CTI data.”

In forming this technology alliance, RST Cloud and SAF Systems are strengthening cybersecurity measures through the integration of RST Threat Feed and RST Report Hub into the SAF monitoring platform. This collaboration enhances incident detection, facilitates efficient incident triage, and reinforces incident response capabilities. By combining resources, RST Cloud and SAF Systems are advancing cybersecurity standards, reflecting their shared commitment to addressing the dynamic challenges of today’s digital landscape.