RST Browser Plugin

Check any text directly from Chrome using RST Cloud API

The RST Browser Plugin allows you to quickly search for Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) using RST IoC Lookup and retrieve WHOIS information for domains using RST Whois API. Simply select any text on a webpage that represents a URL, domain, IP, or Hash, right-click, and choose the "RST IoC Lookup" option from the context menu to perform a lookup. It helps you identify potential threats and provides valuable information about IoCs, including attribution to malware family, threat actors, descriptions, tags, risk score, WHOIS, and references.

Key Benefits

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Save time and increase efficiency by automating the processing of IoC investigations without the need to switch between browser screens

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Access the historical database of more than 80 million IoCs collected by the RST IoC Lookup engine

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Enhance your threat detection and response capabilities by leveraging critical data accompanying each IoC, such as threat attribution, related tags and threats, risk score, references to the source, and more

Key Usage


Identify potential phishing threats within suspicious emails by meticulously examining user domains and URLs, enhancing your ability to thwart phishing attacks effectively


Streamline the evaluation of file reputation, accelerating the malware analysis process and enabling prompt decision-making


Leverage our advanced Chrome Extension capabilities to quickly analyse IoC data, facilitating faster incident triage and response

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Seamlessly access all IoC data without the hassle of screen changes using our Chrome extension. Swiftly use it directly from your SIEM or any other web interface, enabling a seamless workflow


Verify potential IoCs from news, social networks and public repositories, and public sandboxes with ease, ensuring a seamless and reliable process for validating and acting upon potential threats

RST Chrome Extension

RST Cloud Chrome Extension (Plugin)