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Netlas and RST Cloud Forge Alliance to Enhance Cyber Threat Intelligence and Threat Hunting Capabilities

Jun 5, 2024

Netlas, a leading platform for internet-wide scanning and external attack surface management, and RST Cloud, a premier Australian provider of cyber threat intelligence (CTI) solutions, are pleased to announce a strategic collaboration aimed at bringing additional value to customers of both organisations.

With the release of the new Netlas version, users will now benefit from the inclusion of RST Cloud’s contextualised IoC (Indicators of Compromise) data from their extensive database, aggregated through multiple CTI sources across the globe within the Netlas platform. This includes data about related threat type and threat attribution, reputational score and False Positive flag. This integration empowers cybersecurity professionals with advanced tools for identifying potential threats during their investigations.

“Indicators of compromise very logically complement the data provided by Netlas. With the vulnerability labels and other data provided, this will allow users to even better understand the degree of danger of the objects in their scope,”  said Arthur Kotylevskiy, CEO at Netlas.

“From RST Cloud’s perspective, this collaboration allows us to utilise Netlas’ extensive internet-wide scanning capabilities to identify new IoCs and enhance our threat intelligence services.” said Founder of RST Cloud, Yury Sergeev.

The collaboration offers several key benefits:

For Netlas users:

– Access to RST Cloud’s threat intelligence data, enhancing the identification of malicious IP addresses and domains.

– Comprehensive threat context to improve incident analysis and remediation efforts.

– Enhanced decision-making through the availability of reliable and up-to-date threat data.

For RST Cloud users:

– Leveraging Netlas’ scanning capabilities to identify new IoCs and enrich threat intelligence and extending RST Cloud capabilities to access the most relevant IoCs (including malicious IP, C&C servers).

– Gaining wider visibility into devices and services exposed to the internet using Netlas’ threat hunting engine to identify infrastructure owned by malicious actors.

Together, Netlas and RST Cloud are dedicated to delivering unparalleled cybersecurity services, equipping professionals with the necessary tools to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats. This strategic collaboration marks a significant step forward in enhancing threat intelligence and external attack surface management for customers worldwide.

About Netlas: is a comprehensive platform offering internet-wide scanning and external attack surface management capabilities. It provides robust tools for reconnaissance, security assessment, threat hunting, and research, assisting professionals in navigating and securing the digital landscape.

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