Gadget Access RST Cloud

Gadget Access and RST Cloud Forge Alliance to Revolutionise Cybersecurity with AI-Driven Threat Intelligence

May 31, 2024

Gadget Access, a premier Australian cybersecurity consultancy renowned for its expertise in developing Cyber Uplift Programs for Enterprise and Government clients, is thrilled to announce its new partnership with RST Cloud, a leader in advanced threat intelligence technologies. This groundbreaking collaboration is set to revolutionise cybersecurity practices by integrating state-of-the-art artificial intelligence with robust threat intelligence capabilities.

The partnership aligns with the Australian Cyber Security Strategy 2023–2030, aiming to enhance cyber resilience across the nation. By combining Gadget Access’s cutting-edge AI technologies used in SIEM and SOAR environments with RST Cloud’s high-quality threat intelligence feeds and innovative reporting tools, this alliance will provide comprehensive, AI-enhanced cybersecurity solutions designed to protect digital capabilities, critical infrastructure, and vital government systems.

Together, Gadget Access and RST Cloud are dedicated to delivering unparalleled security services, equipped with global cyber threat intelligence (CTI) and bespoke products tailored for SOC and SecOps teams. Australian enterprises will benefit from advanced, predictive and real-time threat detection and scalable threat mitigation strategies, essential for safeguarding against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats.

Andrew Curtis, Director of Gadget Access, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “Our collaboration with RST Cloud is pivotal in our mission to create a predictive AI-driven cybersecurity platform. Integrating RST Cloud’s exceptional threat intelligence into our  intelligence frameworks will significantly enhance our capability to protect our clients’ digital environments.”

Yury Sergeev, Director of RST Cloud, added, “Joining forces with Gadget Access marks a milestone in our journey towards transforming Australia’s cybersecurity landscape. Our combined expertise will empower businesses with the actionable, AI-driven intelligence they need to proactively respond to cyber threats.”

This integration will not only provide actionable, real-time insights to bolster client defences but also optimise the ROI of security infrastructures. By harnessing precise and timely threat intelligence, Gadget Access’s clients will enhance their operational efficiencies and strengthen their security postures, ensuring a safer digital future for all.